Debt Consolidation

Drowning in debt?

When you are in debt, it seems like whatever the amount of money you owe is just too much. It can become overwhelming and you may begin to wonder how you got there.

Nobody desires to be in debt. Being in debt ultimately reduces your income, as much of your useable income goes to repaying your debts. Credit cards are responsible for much of Australia's personal debt and pose a serious problem for anybody trying to free themselves from debt. While some credit cards have rates below 10%, the average is between 15-20% with some cards charging in excess of 20% interest.

High credit card interest, personal loans and some mortgages can cripple your attempts to repay your debts.

At Advanced Wealth we work case by case to help set up a structure that is right for you as each case is individual. We educate you along the way and can help free your cash flow.

Call us today to discuss your options and get in control of your finances.



I felt comfortable with Rick straight away. He understood where we are now and where we want to be in 5 years. Fiona is a god send with all the paperwork would not have done it without her. Rick and Fiona make the perfect team.



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